About Us

PB Solutions Electrical Contractors Team

Electrical Contractor Making Your Job Easy

PB Solutions is an electrical contractor who delivers multi-level, no-nonsense, advanced electrical engineering services to businesses and companies in South East U.K. We endeavour to ensure each and every one of our contracts is finished to the highest standards possible whilst exceeding electrical industry rules and regulations. In addition, we guarantee complete ease for our clients with minimum fuss in their working environments.

For our ethos, we have become a valued industry leader for a plethora of electrical contracting ventures. This is with thanks to our meticulous, well-rounded and experienced team of electrical experts who complete projects with speed, efficiency, and with minimal interruptions to clients’ business. It is our time-management and focuses on cleanliness and safety which sets us aside as a responsible electrical contractor.

Industrial, Commercial And Retail Electrical Contractor

PB Solutions is an esteemed partner in both the commercial and industrial sectors for our ability to perform electrical engineering services with proficiency. Consequently, from our growing reputation and extensive experience, we have become a popular electrical contractor for major high-street retailers too. We provide electrical services to the degree that is appropriate for accomplishing your project.

As such, our aim is to make your job as easy as possible. Whenever you call in PB Solutions you can rest assured that we will remain entirely dedicated to your project’s delivery right through to completion when we leave your site in impeccable order. On completion of any project past or present, we depart with an eternal feeling of client satisfaction.

We provide:

  • Installation of Equipment
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Solutions

Our Goal To Provide Electrical Safety And Security

Though the presence of electricity blurs subtly into the background of daily life, PB Solutions understands how crucial it is to maintain a high level of care to sustain continued upkeep and security within the scope of your business from this angle. And in accomplishing this, we thrive.

Our skilled and all-encompassing approach to electricity means we are able to engineer innovative and comprehensive electrical projects. As a result, we provide full-scale installation of Building Management Systems as easily as we may complete mandatory PAT testing on your company equipment, for example.

Modern Electrical Projects By PB Solutions

As a contractor who has kept their eye on time progression, we have advancing knowledge of expectations of electricity as they develop. As such, we provide EV (Electric Vehicle) Charger Installation, Data Testing all the way to LED lighting installation.

We are concerned with demonstrating a sustainable future that this is a prime ingredient to the resulting shape of completed projects. We layer our clients’ goals with solutions to environmental and commercial concerns so that your carbon footprint and economic expenses are impressively reduced. Our commitment to creating a greener future is fundamental as part of the projects we take on.

Advanced Technology

Our innovative and forward-thinking approach means we can confidently implement modern and advanced technologies so that you get the most out of your project.

Expert Engineers

Our engineers are skilled to the highest level and trained to a standard that reflects PB Solutions comprehensive expectations.

Customer Support

Your project is your goal. Our goal is to ensure your job is made easy. We ensure continued communication with our clients; we are always on the same page.

Delivery On-time

As we set out on projects with a clear vision of your expectations and resolutions to potential restrictions, we provide total dedication to the delivery of your project in a time scale that balances efficiency with quality.