Electric Vehicles FAQs

Q1. How easy are the chargers to install?

Having installed over 400 chargers around the UK we have developed a process that is super-efficient for you and everyone at your location. One of our expert team will complete a full survey of your site to assess the best possible location for ease of use and minimal impactto your site operations. If there is a need for any trenches to be dug we will include this within our proposal so that you enjoy a truly seamless turn-key installation.

Q2. Why would I choose a higher kW charger?

Most commercial sites like to offer their employees the option of free ‘at work’ charging, this enables them to leave their cars on charge for a longer period whilst they work. Some clients want an additional revenue stream from installing EV chargers, which is why they
choose to fit higher kW chargers, this reduces the charge time, though it will of course increase your initial investment.

Q3. How much does it cost to install a charger?

This really depends on what it is that you want to achieve from your commercial EV charger and the specification needed to make it fit for purpose and variables such as distance from the unit to the your power supply. This is why we offer you a no obligation free site survey to give you a comprehensive proposal so that you know you are getting the right advice with no hidden charges.

Q4. Are there any grants available?

The government offer lots of incentives for companies to participate in the roll out of the EV infrastructure, these are constantly changing and are usually claimed by us and deducted from your bill. If you are going to use the chargers as a source of revenue, then the grants do not normally apply, but it is always worth a conversation to explore your options and find out which grants are currently available for your business.

Q5. How long will it take to charge my car?

This depends on the output of the charger you choose and the battery capacity of the vehicle. We can provide you with a separate guide that will provide a few examples.

Q6. Can you make money?

The chargers can be set up to charge a premium over the net cost that you can choose, this will afford you an R.O.I. over a period of time to completely cover the cost of the EV charging point, or you can choose to use this service as a free perk of charging at your location.