Building Management Systems (BMS)

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Building Management Systems (BMS)

At PB Solutions, we’re specialists in commercial Building Management System installation and maintenance. Our experienced BMS installation electricians are adept at integrating complex systems to create user-friendly, efficient control interfaces that make life easier. We can install an entirely new BMS or work with you to upgrade your current system.

We also provide extensive, in-house training as part of our BMS installation service. So, you’re assured that your teams have the requisite skills to operate your building automation systems to gain maximum benefits and efficiencies.

What is a Building Management System?

A BMS is a computer control system that allows you to integrate, monitor, adjust and control a range of systems in your building:

  • Lighting and power systems
  • HVAC heating, ventilation and air handling systems
  • Fire and emergency systems
  • Chilled water and cooling systems
  • Security and access control
  • Industrial equipment and processes

An up-to-date building automation system not only makes a great first impression on your customers, but it can also deliver huge competitive advantages.

The benefits of installing a Building Management System

It’s all about optimising the performance of your building to make every process as smooth, effortless and business-efficient as possible. Integrating your building’s automated systems can help in a number of ways:

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Identify faults at an earlier stage
  • Improve building safety and security
  • Collect business-critical data
  • Lower operating costs
  • Prolong the life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs

Our BMS installation service

As one of the UK’s leading BMS installation companies, we understand the challenges of upgrading or replacing Building Management Systems whilst minimizing disruption to your business. That’s why we take a flexible approach to every project. We work with you to develop a bespoke programme that suits your needs and are happy to carry out work outside of working hours when required. Once your BMS is up and running, we’re always on hand to carry out any planned maintenance and repairs.

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