Data Room

Data Installation

PB Solutions completes network data cable installations. Data cable networks transport information in, out and around contemporary office buildings. Such cabling is produced in a variety of types; CAT5, CAT5e CAT6 CAT7 and, sometimes, in fibre optic. The most common is CAT5/5e cable; most recognised under the name of an Ethernet cable. The additional categories are constructed for future data transfers which will be expected to reach a higher rate. Use of such wires allows employers and building owners to ‘future-proof’ their property.

Our cost-effective, responsible and reputable data installation services ensure your business remains effective, secure and connected. We offer an all-encompassing approach to small to large office network data installation services. With knowledge of installations, design and planning in abundance, you can feel assured that we have a solution to your every data cabling scenario.

Data Installations By Electrical Contractor South East England

PB Solutions start from the very beginning; once we have deciphered the network design that is appropriate for our client (CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a and Fiber Optic Cabling), we route and install the necessary cables, then terminate from panel to point. We are incredibly aware of current data and security legislation, as such, customer confidentiality is upheld, and NDAs will be signed.

We generate an economical, efficient data network design that achieves your expectations and your goals. From our experience, we have worked in refitting and installing a comprehensive network data system for a new build development, for complete or partial refurbishments. We will fulfil projects that require an extension to an original cable network to the full-scale installation of new cabling infrastructure. Our team of expert electricians will approach your project with minimum hassle but with absolute dedication.

Data Installation And Testing

Data testing is vital for the prolonged and maintained success of a business. Alarmingly, 75% of network faults are due to cabling not being tested properly during installation. Such statistics suggest a severe lack of care and responsibility in the management of a business, and worse, these are faults that can be avoided.

We are incredibly aware of the rigorous usage of network cabling, and the importance it has within a business. Therefore, all our CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6a structured cabling and fibre optic installations are finished and tested to the highest standards expected in the electrical industry. We make it simple and straightforward to maintain the data systems we install so that your business will continue to thrive without bumps in the road in terms of your data network cabling.

The data network systems that we implement ensure that data and voice cabling network systems are tailored to your business needs. We have a solution to any need and context that you determine to have room for improvement. Meanwhile, we can support new wireless systems, containing the systems we install, the configuration of the networks, and comprehensive testing. From multi-level expectations to simple purpose requirements, PB Solutions provides expert data network services.