EV Charger Installation

EV Car Recharging Unit

EV Charging Point Installation

The demand for EV charging points is quickly outstripping the supply, as more and more drivers make the switch to electric cars and vehicles (EVs).

At PB Solutions, we have a considerable amount of experience in installing EV charging points in industrial, commercial, retail, and workplace car parks.

Why Should You Install An EV Charging Point?

An EV charging point is no longer a nice-to-have bonus. It’s becoming an essential part of business. As your employees and customers move in droves towards electric cars and vehicles, thanks to generous incentives, greater choice of EVs and a change in mindset arises. The charging infrastructure must keep up with these developments.

Convenience is still a big factor in EV adoption, as they can be time-consuming to charge. Therefore, businesses that take a forward-thinking attitude towards EV infrastructure will not only make life easier for their employees and customers, but they will convey a strong external message that they are an ethical, contemporary brand.

Commercial and Industrial EV Charger Installation

Our EV charge point installers have specialist experience when it comes to this type of project. For added value, and to take the sting out of the complexity of the EV charging landscape, we guide clients through the entire process, from initial concept through to completed project.

Just like petrol and diesel pumps have different nozzles, so too does the vast array of electric car chargers out there, though there are a few common sizes. There is also the question of whether a wall-mounted or standing-point EV charging station should be installed. In many cases, this is determined by your budget and needs, but our experts can guide you through the process and the right solution for you and your business’s needs.

As a responsible, contemporary brand, what better way to showcase your company’s values than in a fleet of electric-powered business vehicles, with corresponding EV charging points?

Workplace Charging Scheme

The Workplace Charging Scheme, created by the UK government, aims to reduce the cost of installing EV charging points for businesses. It provides them with a financial subsidy of up to £350 (including vat) per socket towards the cost of installing a charge point. The grant is applicable on the first 40 charging points a company installs.

PB Solutions Installs EV Charging Points

We pride ourselves on providing a thorough service with minimal disruption when we fit EV chargers in your industrial or commercial location.

From design and installation to continued support, PB Solutions ensures your new EV charging infrastructure is ready to help take your business into the future. Click here if you would like to find out more.