EV Charger Installation

EV Car Recharging Unit

EV Charger Installation

PB Solutions provides EV (Electric Vehicle) charger installations in Industrial, Commercial, and Retail workplace carparks. With a shift towards vehicles that rely fully or in part on electrical power, it has become incredibly important for EV charging stations to become widely available.

Why Should You Install An EV Charger?

By highlighting the rise of EV, a very strong, positive message is conveyed. As an electrical contractor who owns experience in the implementation of such sustainable projects, PB Solutions is extremely proud to show its support in these evolving times.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming rapidly more popular for their low-emission values which contribute to the necessity for a greener Britain. Along with this shift, there is equal demand for more accessibility to convenient charging locations as the process of charging for this type of vehicle is time-consuming.

As technology develops, EV charging has become quicker. However, at present, the most budget-friendly EV charging stations are able to juice an average vehicle to full in between three and four hours. As such, workplace inclusion of an EV charger would be a huge benefit to all members of staff.

Commercial and Industrial EV Charger Installation

Our EV charge point installers own specialist experience when it comes to this type of project. We are able to guide you through the right charging point for your business. Like petrol, diesel and (once) leaded fuel pumps, there are a variety of suitable charging ports for different EVs (however, there are a few common sizes). There is also the question of whether a wall-mounted or standing-point EV charging station should be installed; this is affected by your budget and needs.

PB Solutions will consider the different charging point capabilities in reference to your requirements and discuss these options with you. We will also help guide you with finding the optimal EV charging station to reflect your budget and the business environment.

As a responsible, contemporary brand, what better way to present your values than in a fleet of electric-powered business vehicles, with corresponding EV charging points, as part of your estate?

Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The WCS, created by the UK government, aims to reduce the cost of EV charging points for businesses. Financial backing is produced by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. Businesses are granted a financial subsidy of up to £500 per socket to have one or many EV charging points installed at their premises.

PB Solutions Installs EV Charging Points

We provide thorough yet low-disturbance service when we fit EV chargers in your Industrial or Commercial location. Our service is all-encompassing, thus taking our clients from initial thought to completed project, and we do this in an efficient time-frame. From design, installation to continued support, PB Solutions ensures your new EV charging infrastructure is fulfilled to a high and reputable standard. Click here to contact us!