LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

PB Solutions offers LED lighting engineering services. These services are carried out by our team of expert lighting technicians who own a wealth of experience in LED light installations. LED lights have gained incredible exposure for their huge advantages such as:

  • Economical value through energy saving
  • A huge life span
  • No harmful chemicals used in their production

LED light fitting can range from simple replacements of a few bulbs to comprehensive smart lighting systems that require control gear and new fitments to accommodate LED lighting upgrades. It is entirely dependent on your requirements and demands as a business. PB Solutions is able to provide LED lighting services at all levels to Industrial, Commercial and Retail business environments. We pride ourselves on providing minimum fuss with maximum impact.

Why Should You Choose LED Lighting?

LED lighting is superior in every sense to traditional forms of lighting. As a business, LED lighting presents money-saving, enhanced light quality and increased longevity. LEDs completely reflect the movement to a greener world. They are efficient in that they require 90% less energy to provide the same light as incandescent bulbs. Despite this, LED lights reach peak brightness the moment they are switched on, which reduces the time that alternative lamps take to warm up.

Furthermore, LEDs generate an incredibly reduced amount of heat in comparison to halogen lamps. This earns them credit for being a fantastic contribution to fire prevention tactics in the workplace. Finally, LED lighting has the ability to last for over two decades, subject to use. Again, this contributes to the economic value; less expense needs to be put towards frequent lamp replacements.

What Is An LED Smart Lighting System?

A smart lighting system is an exceptional benefit that is possible through LED lighting. It is a combination of certain technologies that both monitor real-time energy consumption while using feedback from sensors to regulate the necessary lighting to fit an intended purpose.  Such control is a revolutionary benefit to Industrial, Commercial and Retail businesses, and this is a system that PB Solutions has fine-tuned experience in installing.

LED Light Projects With PB Solutions

By installing LED lighting and controls into your premises, your business will benefit from the countless advantages they provide. From battling rising energy costs to a more reactive yet aesthetically pleasing distribution of light, LEDs promise to bring your business well into the 21st century. We supply our bulbs, components, fixtures and fitments from reputable manufacturing brands that we trust within the electrical industry. This allows both us and our clients confidence in high-grade quality.

We work with our clients to produce a tailored plan reflecting your LED lighting goals. Together, we will review your options and preferences to create a working environment that is accentuated by new LED lighting. PB Solutions’ team of electrical engineers are incredibly experienced at installing LED lighting projects. We chose the right product to meet your desires and the intended application.  For further guidance for beginning an LED lighting project, contact us here.