LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

We deliver industry-leading LED light installation, carried out by our team of experts here at PB Solutions. With years of experience in energy saving and SMART electrical projects, we’re perfectly placed to deliver huge advantages for your business:

  • Reduced heat and energy consumption, saving you time and money
  • Improved light quality and flexibility
  • The ability to create a desired atmosphere or mood in commercial or industrial spaces

We provide LED lighting in industrial, commercial, and retail business environments, and provide ourselves on running all installations with minimal disruption to our clients’ businesses.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

The LED revolution has transformed businesses throughout the UK. Saving money on running and replacement costs, improving shopping and working environments – maximising footfall, experience, and productivity.

Outdated or traditional lighting methods, such as fluorescent or incandescent lights, tend to use 95% of the energy to create heat and only 5% for light. LEDs, on the other hand, use 95% for light and only 5% for heat! That means that LED lighting pulls less power than traditional lighting does – and less energy use reduces the demand from power plants and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is an LED SMART lighting system?

SMART lighting is designed for energy efficiency, convenience, and security. The systems may include high-efficiency fixtures and automated controls, which can both alter lighting based on occupancy, daylight, and mood.

A SMART lighting system is a combination of technology that monitors real-time energy consumption with feedback from sensors to regulate the lighting as required, giving you complete control of both interior and exterior systems.

LED lighting projects with PB Solutions

We work in collaboration with clients to produce a bespoke plan to brief. Together, we review the project plan and always deliver on time and within budget. Our team of electrical engineers are incredibly experienced at installing and programming systems using premium components from the best in the trade.

For more information on LED lighting, contact us today.