Power & Distribution services

An image of LED Lighting on the outside of a commercial building

Power & Distribution Services

PB Solutions completes new, bespoke and all-encompassing electrical circuit installations. We bring electricity from the outside, in.

From design, installation, terminating and testing, all cable work is executed with to a professional standard. Our team, which is combined by the most expert electrical engineers in the industry, are able to fulfil basic level installations, (for example straight-forward light circuit establishment), to comprehensive projects such as the full electrical installation into office blocks, shops, housing developments, restaurants to name a few!

In every electrical power and distribution project, we will:

  • Exceed industry compliance standards.
  • Offer full transparency on the perfect solution that reflects demands and budget.
  • Employ the finest electrical engineers to complete projects with a high level of care.
  • Ensure sustainability is a clear feature of the final result.

What Do Our Power And Distribution Services Include?

Our power and distribution service includes (but is not limited to) plug sockets, fire alarms, data, LED and emergency lighting. Through vast experience, PB Solutions has fulfilled a multitude of different projects, and this is why we own such a great reputation.

We maintain advanced knowledge of industry expectations and innovations, as such, we can confidently deliver the best power and distribution services. With the ability to produce final circuit designs, electrical modifications to complete installations, and experience to terminate all types of cables owning a variety of construction and insulation features, PB Solutions will supply the perfect results to your project.

Not only are we experts in electrical power and distribution, but we are extremely responsible, tidy and low-profile as we carry out project tasks. Whatever you have in mind, PB Solutions will achieve and install a sustainable electrical installation that suits budget and goal.

Commercial, Industrial & Retail Power and Distribution

We provide extensive electric power and distribution services in Industrial, Commercial and Retail environments with proficiency and quality. We provide clients with a scope of solutions to their electrical needs. As every client is different in relation to budget and demands, our approach is to create entirely bespoke project solutions. This way we can create a cost and plan that is entirely unique to you while reflecting the results and support we implement.

What Power Do We Distribute?

We flourish in the installation of LV cable work and distribution systems. We cover all angles of a project including:

  • Circuit design
  • Tailored and multi-scale distribution and installation of main distribution panels
  • Rigorous tests
  • Modifications to existing circuits and cables to bring them up to scratch
  • Control systems
  • ‘Future-proof’ sustainable results

Our team maintains one step ahead of the game with continually evolving knowledge and techniques; we are able to confidently produce unparalleled and sophisticated power distribution solutions at a variety of levels for clients.